The service is aimed at companies that, for their Internet presence, wish to make a choice of technological and infrastructural outsourcing in the cloud, freeing themselves of the costs and risks associated with on-premise infrastructures.

Choosing the cloud means opting for a managed service, outsourced, using the Workup specialists to migrate your server infrastructure to the cloud in order to achieve an improvement in services and performance and optimizing IT costs.

We offer our consultancy to grant you access to the best computing, storage, backup and CDN cloud services directly integrated with your active solutions (hybrid cloud) with 24/7 technical support configurable as needed.

We work with leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and OVH.

The services offered by Workup are:

  • Cloud infrastructure design
  • Planning and management of cloud migration
  • Integration of cloud services (hybrid cloud)
  • Technical Help Desk