Consulting and digital strategy

The determining factor for the success of your site is traffic, which must be evaluated in both quantitative and qualitative terms. The graphic appeal and the perfect functionality are fundamental but unproductive without an adequate number of qualified visits, that is in target with the products and / or services offered by your company.

Target customers, market and company objectives are the starting points of every successful Digital project. In Workup we analyze the organization and digital processes to offer you the tools to excel on the Web.

With our market audit activities, benchmarking of competitors and managerial skills, we structure the digital identity of your company adapting it to your market.

The online marketing plan

The plan is the true backbone of the entire web marketing project. To structure a good plan, Workup analyzes and defines in detail:

  • the goals you want to reach;
  • what is the target to hit;
  • what are your main competitors;
  • the budget to be respected;
  • what are the sales arguments of the products / services;
  • KPIs that can measure the success of the plan;
  • times and methods for implementing the strategy;
  • the ideal mix of tools to use.
  • The mix of web-marketing tools

Each web project is unique and as such requires a dedicated marketing strategy. This is why the marketing plan in which the strategy translates is always a unique mix of techniques and tools.

Workup supports you in the definition phase of the marketing mix so you can concentrate your promotional resources in profitable and effective activities, avoiding unnecessary waste of time and energy.

The main services of Software development and system integration proposed by Workup:

Digital Marketing Strategy

We evaluate every aspect of your business with the constant support of a heterogeneous team: an Account Manager, a Project Manager, a Digital Strategist, a Software Developer and a Web Designer. Your company in a digital key.

Content strategy & social media marketing

We support our customers in defining the strategy and the best tools to optimize or develop valuable content. We monitor and manage communication through social channels to support the objectives of visibility and engagement.

Online advertising & email marketing

We are among the first agencies in Italy certified Google AdWords and for 17 years we deal with Adv campaigns on behalf of our customers. We support clients in the configuration and management of tools such as email marketing and other online promotion tools.

Digital analytics & search engine optimization

In Workup we use an analytical approach to be able to identify the search keys that can bring real value to the company. We collect, study and interpret analytics data to guide you in continuously optimizing your online presence.