Content strategy & social media marketing

Content Marketing

Give added value to its visitors

The web is the first source of information for millions of Italians. Consumers (and above all people) who consult daily search engines, social media, online forums to acquire information of various qualities and types.

Users exchange information, comment on services and product features, inform themselves better before buying.

In a market increasingly saturated with information (often of little quality and truthfulness), the marketing expert Seth Godin introduced the concept of Permission Marketing against Interruption Marketing, which is the approach where the customer spontaneously addresses a company and not the other way around.

To date, it is fundamental for companies to intercept users' needs and questions even before a concrete need emerges from the target. In this, the key is the content, whose creation and diffusion allow the company to differentiate itself from the competition, to become authoritative and influential in the sector, but above all to embrace the universe of consumer values.

Content marketing is therefore functional to achieve greater visibility, is a key factor in ranking for search engines, and helps to gain a greater return in terms of site visits, interested contacts and purchases.

With this in mind, in order to achieve concrete results, it is necessary to create a real editorial plan that guides the entire web marketing project (from search engine optimization through blogging to the generation of conversations on social media for example) . It is necessary to create content that really interests the user, giving it real added value

The more you create content that informs and educates your visitors, the more they will recognize your company as really beneficial.

Workup is able to accompany its customers in the definition of a detailed editorial calendar, and thanks to an in-depth analysis of users, it will be able to identify thematic topics of real interest for the consumer and develop a content strategy tout-court.

Content marketing plan

The plan is the structure on which the content marketing project will be based. To create it, Workup analyzes and defines in detail:

  • the goals you want to reach;
  • what is the target to hit;
  • analysis of your main competitors;
  • SEO analysis;
  • the best channels for conveying contents;
  • identification of strategic contents for your goals;
  • times and methods for implementing the strategy;
  • the budget to be respected;
  • the ideal mix of tools to use.

Social Media Marketing

Create conversations with users

Being online means "exposing"; we talk about analyzing a brand, the company's reputation, getting in touch with potential consumers, drawing lessons from criticism and promptly remedying it. This is achieved by structuring a correct strategy on social media.

Social Media Marketing has made a substantial innovation in the company-consumer interaction, giving voice to consumers, which become an integral part of the production and distribution of products and services.

People are on social media for a variety of reasons; to make sure that they come into contact with the company, it is necessary to speak their language and to entertain them with highly valued, recognizable and quality contents.

Hence the emerging role of Social Media Marketing, as a branch of marketing that deals with generating visibility on Social Media, as a group of Internet applications that allow the creation of C2C interactions (consumer-to-consumer), virtual communities and aggregators, to build online reputation and credibility.

Thanks to the activities carried out within the Social Media Marketing you can, therefore, amplify the communication strength of your company (from advertising to Public Relations) by leveraging the power of exchanges between people through social networking platforms.

Workup will help you create a Social Media Marketing program that helps you maximize your goals, whether they are increasing your company brand awareness, creating interested leads (lead generation) or increasing your customer loyalty.

Our social media marketing services:

  • Social media audit and analysis
  • Editorial plan
  • Community Management
  • Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Social media analytics & monitoring
  • Training