Digital analytics & search engine optimization

Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is carried out through a method that includes measurement and analysis.

The measurement aims to gather all the information necessary to answer questions about the activity of our customers.

At the beginning of the project the objectives to be reached and the performance indicators are established; KPIs (key performance indicators) that are monitored to check the results achieved.

By analyzing the information we read and transform the data into business insight, communicating them effectively. Thanks to the use of dashboards we manage, analyze and share large volumes of information, useful then to our customers.

Therefore Workup collects, organizes and interprets data through reports accessible at all levels of the organization in order to be able to make crucial strategic decisions in the development of the business of the Customers.

The main services offered are:

Basic setup of Google Analytics With each release of websites and E-commerce, we provide a configuration that allows you to gather key data on the progress of the project.

Advanced Google Analytics Setup This is a personalized advisory service. Based on the agreed measurement strategy, it is possible to include several additional dimension categories to track such as:

  • advanced event monitoring
  • multi-domain monitoring
  • setting new goals and filters
  • the reorganization of the account (new properties, new visualizations, roll-up monitoring)
  • setting up custom dimensions and metrics
  • configuring custom reports or dashboards and any other advanced settings.

Analytics Audit General review of the installation of Analytics, adaptation to the general best practices and the objectives of the client.

Quarterly Reports With particular focus on the agreed KPIs, we create detailed data reports

Google Analytics Training We offer a training program for the staff of our client companies, through meetings with individual employees or in small classes.

Data Analysis on the basis of the agreed objectives, we analyze in depth the available data, releasing to our Clients structured and commented on documents.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is "the art of naturally positioning the content of a site on search engines". Specifically it is a set of techniques aimed at finding a website by exploiting the traffic generated by search queries.

The goal of an SEO project is to intercept traffic from users by creating content and pages traceable by search engines and users, allowing to maximize the investment with the acquisition of quality visits and leads.

This is "organic" positioning, that is to say achieved over time thanks to these techniques and where there are no online advertising activities.

Workup offers its own SEO skills in its Web Marketing mix through:

Analysis of online positioning of the customer and competitors

It is the study of customer positioning within its online market, with reference to the main competitors.

In the analysis of the online market there are activities such as:

  • Mapping of keywords and thematic areas on which the domain is recognized and positioned
  • Overview of the company's online brand awareness
  • Identification and analysis of online competitors, already known and emerging
  • Analysis and complete review of the website with a view to SEO
  • Development of a detailed plan for the positioning of specific pages or specific thematic areas
  • Writing of optimized SEO texts in key strategic organic positioning (SEO Copywriting)

The content plan is developed not only in the writing of key content for the site but we put in place real content marketing & blogging strategies, aimed at increasing traffic and quality towards the site and positioning it at best on strategic keywords for the customer.