Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you have an important project, with challenging objectives to reach, several partners involved, an internal team of specialists to be built and trained?

  • We analyze and plan your business model
  • We study the communication strategy
  • We evaluate and select the technological partners
  • We form your resources

Workup provides you with a team of specialists ready to work alongside you to ensure the success of your project.

  • Account Manager: is the main figure of reference for the customer. It follows the commercial operations structuring the project and the investment budget, and gives the client a complete overview on all the strategic milestones to go to the target.
  • Project Manager: supports the customer throughout the development of the web project, coordinates internal resources, interfaces with the customer for the retrieval of materials and information, follows the prototyping, development and release timeline.
  • Digital Strategist: is the figure that follows the digital strategy that guides the project, collaborates with the Project Manager to synergistically correlate web development and Digital Marketing objectives, follows the part of Optimization on Search Engines and Web Analytics.
  • Software Developer: the web developer who designs the site, taking care of all its parts (from the modules structure to the backend to their frontend implementation).
  • Web Designer: takes care of the graphic development of the site starting from the initial prototyping up to the development of the frontend, structure the customer's communication making it coherent and functional.