Online advertising & email marketing

Pay Per Click Campaigns on Google

Effective tool, immediate results

Pay per click campaigns are one of the main investment items for online visibility of companies. An effective tool for immediate results in any geographical area.

If your goal is:

  • Be immediately visible
  • Promote a limited time initiative
  • Get yourself found by users of a specific geographic area
  • Route site visitors on specific pages
  • Get useful contacts from specific Google searches

then a pay per click campaign is the ideal solution for you.

For over 17 years we have been managing investments in SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns for many customers, more than 20 languages ​​and markets and very diverse merchandise sectors.

We have been a Google Partner certified agency since 2004, and we own these specializations at company level:

  • Google AdWords "Search Advertising"
  • Google AdWords "Mobile Advertising"
  • Google AdWords "Display Network Advertising"
  • Google AdWords "Advertising on the Shopping circuit"
  • Google AdWords / YouTube "Video Advertising"

We also implement Yandex campaigns for the Russian and former Soviet market and Yahoo !.

The goal of our campaigns is not simply to generate traffic on a site, but to generate profit (either direct sales or business contacts). The management of pay per click campaigns of this type requires consolidated experience and professionalism.

Why do you advise us to directly manage your pay per click campaigns?

Do-it-yourself campaigns or managed by operators with insufficient skills lead to wasting money on useless traffic. The most common mistake is to generate useless traffic and / or spend excessively on clicks received. In addition to the management of the panel, the creation of a successful pay per click campaign also involves an optimization of the conversion rate (from visitors to customers) that requires interventions in the content and layout of the landing pages of the user.

Social Advertising su circuito Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest e Twitter

Almost all social networks allow companies to invest in advertising on their platforms. For years the organic visibility of content (particularly on Facebook) has been decreasing due to the frequent implementation of complex algorithms, which limit the activities of fan pages and brands. It is therefore necessary to provide a budget to profitably monitor their social media channels.

For this we manage campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

But why should you invest in Social Advertising and not just on Google AdWords?

The answer is quite simple. While Google intercepts users based on the searches they perform at certain times by analyzing their research, on social media users can be profiled based on age, behavior, interests, consumer sociological data and much more.

Here are some of the goals achievable through social advertising campaigns:

  • numerically increase their community
  • generate clicks and conversions to a website or a landing page;
  • generate engagement (like, shares, mentions, etc.);
  • increase the visibility of their contents and their brand;
  • promote an app or a video;
  • accumulate contacts (lead generation)

Campaigns on Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Instagram Ads are therefore fundamental tools to realize your investment in content & social media marketing.