Software development and system integration

We realize software projects applying the Agile Methodology, an approach focused on the objective of delivering to our customers, in the established times and frequency, functional and quality software.


We develop institutional websites and e-commerce using RubinRed®, our new CMS result of over 3 years of research by our R & D team. The development model of RubinRed® is designed to adapt itself to the needs of each individual business; increasing the challenges of the market and, with it, the tools and forms of digitalization of production and commercial models, RubinRed® can be customized and adapted to any need for change, reducing the effort to implement and continuously update new software and consequence of the costs derived from the necessary technological innovation.

The main services of Software development and system integration proposed by Workup:

E-commerce B2C

We build new commercial channels, fostering increased sales, reduced costs and full measurability of ROI for client companies. Our platform is: customizable for every business model, easy, fast and secure and can be integrated with any company system and third party services.

E-commerce B2B

To optimize business activities and relationships with your suppliers and customers. An order management solution that facilitates communication flows inside and outside the company, increases simplicity in the order process, reduces errors and facilitates control, improving service and retaining customer loyalty.


Our web projects are developed on a proprietary platform thanks to which it is possible to: be independent in the dynamic management of the website, integrate and centralize the management of different information sources, distribute optimized content for any channel and device, support marketing activities

System integration

We create highly integrated software solutions, designed from the early stages of development to exploit the functionality of strategic third-party services for your business. All this, ensuring efficiency and security in the exchange and management of data between the systems.

Network site solution

The new network sites Workup is the solution that allows companies and associations to generate and manage the official sites of dealers and subsidiaries in a centralized manner.