E-commerce B2B

A B2B E-Commerce platform is designed for companies that maintain business relationships with other companies. We are talking about optimization of logistics processes, that is, relationships between the different suppliers of a company to ensure a continuous and perfectly traceable flow of order planning and product procurement in the warehouse.

Another aspect far from trivial lies in the relationships that a company can have with all its offices (sometimes located in several parts of the world) or with diversified customers. The Workup B2B E-Commerce is in fact designed to optimize the commercial activities, a solution dedicated to companies that feel the growing need to be able to use for the management of orders of an instrument that allows:

  • reduce the resources involved and optimize time and costs;
  • reduce errors and facilitate control;
  • improve service and retain customer loyalty;
  • improve internal communication flows.

Through the platform, a company is able to:

  • present the product catalog with all the list prices, possibly differentiated by market
  • optimize orders and flows through real-time management of payments
  • use a download area for the selection and use of the products
  • check the stocks of products
  • view every aspect of B2B products (often very complex) through the exploded view
  • track orders and spare parts