E-commerce B2C

Workup ecommerce is the solution that allows companies to open new commercial channels with investments and reduced time, thanks to the perfect integration of the platform with the most used management systems.

Increased sales, reduced costs, full measurability of ROI are just some of the results that can be achieved.

Only in the last two years, the business to consumer e-commerce in Italy has managed to reach a value of 23.4 billion (source Netcomm, the Italian Electronic Commerce Consortium). Positive data that underline the strong interest of companies that decide to equip themselves with the on-line sales channel to be more competitive and to comply with the requests of the Italian public.

To date, choosing to develop an online sales channel can be an almost obligatory choice. It is necessary that the company is prepared and aware of the innovation process that takes place when it is decided to open an e-commerce.

In Workup we have chosen to use proprietary technology for the development of our solutions, preferring to create a CMS and an original infrastructure, characterized by very high standards of manageability, easily integrable with complex evolutionary developments. These are the main reasons why we do not develop B2C e-commerce platforms using open-source CMS such as Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop or Joomla.

Our proprietary CMS is in fact totally customizable (which is difficult to achieve 100% with any open source CMS), allowing you to add and develop new features without the risk of having to re-apply substantially to the source code.

The security problems of open-source systems are known. The source code of a proprietary CMS is owned by the agency, consequently it is part of a structured reality with specialized technicians who will promptly intervene if there is an "attack" by malicious people. If you manage an e-commerce with sensitive data, the topic of security is a theme that should not be underestimated.

Workup accompanies you in defining the best digital e-commerce project by helping you:

  • analyze the competition and the reference market
  • centralize payment systems
  • integrate order management systems within the platform