System integration

Integration is one of the biggest challenges to be faced in a web project. A challenge for the rapid digitalization of entire product catalogs, contents and resources to allow the fluid synergy of all the information systems involved.

With significant experience, Workup simplifies integration with on-premise applications such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, as well as other external solutions and service clouds.

The concept of integration of the proposed services is expressed in the automatic connection between the tools used, avoiding useless "human interventions" that could generate complications (and errors) in the use of the tools.

The levels of integration can be modulated according to needs and range from native ERP connectors to file-based ASCII interfaces, to Web services and feed syndication thus allowing perfect integration with different languages ​​and environments.

Workup is able to support companies and their suppliers in defining and developing interface procedures.

The Workup System Integration solutions enable:

  • Improve data flow efficiency
  • Avoid transmission errors
  • Improve production management
  • Optimize resources
  • Improve customer services
  • Delete the redundant contents