Conversion Rate Optimization

To bring traffic to a website there can be a variety of techniques. One of these is SEO, a series of techniques designed to bring qualified visits. After visitors have arrived on the site, it is necessary for them to navigate, to find what they were looking for and, above all, to convert.

Conversion Rate Optimization activities are techniques through which the behavior of users is analyzed, their browsing habits are analyzed above all in how much time they can perform the conversion and, subsequently, if they convert following the course of canonical and structured navigation that has been devised.

With the analysis of user behavior it is therefore possible:

  • to verify if the entire information architecture of a site is structured in an intelligent way
  • validate whether the graphic elements allow or not to entice the user to browse
  • check if the key actions identified in the conversion path take place on the site
  • CRO's areas of intervention are therefore numerous, in particular they are widely used when it comes to restructuring e-commerce platforms that do not carry enough sales.

The Conversion Rate Optimization serves to:

  • learn about potential and new opportunities for developing your website
  • segment the users, so as to understand the impact of the conversion rate and, in case of an important drop-out rate, where the user leaves the navigation and why
  • understand the "conversion path" understanding where and thanks to which content / elements the user is more interested in pushing him to convert

Based on this analysis we will understand if users:

  • they encountered particular obstacles to navigation
  • have been led to abandon the site on key pages
  • they have converted at reasonable times

Workup uses Hotjar and Google Analytics for its CRO activities:

  • with Hotjar you can analyze video and heat maps (heatmap) showing the user's browsing paths on certain pages of a site, allowing you to have a complete "visual" analysis of how to interact with online content
  • with Google Analytics you are able to understand conversion rates of users of a site, the paths to conversion, the most visited pages and the least and many other useful data for the analysis of online behavior