Information architecture

Information Architecture (AI) is a discipline created to study the "space" of information and content in various types of areas. The aim is to catalog and structure call-to-action and "content blocks" in the positions in which users "expect" to find some information and perform a specific action.

In the field of web design, information architecture can involve several figures (from the SEO Specialist to the Web Designer and, in a broader sense, the Project Manager) intertwining virtuously with the concepts of User Experience (UX).

The information architecture (IA) is fundamental in defining the entire digital project of any site, and it is vital to ensure that it summarizes the client's communication and business needs with the typical language of the best performing web platforms.

In Workup our Information Architects intervene above all in the initial phases of the project, collaborating with the Project Manager and the Web Designer for:

  • organize the informative "spaces" in order to allow them to be used quickly and integrated across multiple channels
  • combine the customer's strategic needs with the chosen web infrastructure to speed up and harmonize the user's conversion path