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Since 1996, Workup has been helping companies to enhance their competitiveness thanks to the Internet.
How can tangible results be achieved through the Web?
There's no magic formula that applies to everyone!
Workup starts each project by analysing your business, reference market and organisation. Only then does it map the course that takes your investment towards the planned goals, through the most appropriate strategies and instruments.
Workup's solutions are both modular and scalable; this ensures a high degree of flexibility coupled with the possibility of splitting up the investment over time.

We help you to exploit all the opportunities offered by the Internet for attracting new customers, expanding your market and making information accessible. Basically, we help you to achieve results.

Because we at workup are rigorous and creative at the same time, without ever being impulsive.


Return on investments.
Data measurement
is essential.


In order to ensure instant calculation of the investment's return, Workup's Internet solutions include tools for verifying achieved results.
In an objective and extremely accurate way. Or better, at the click of a mouse.
The goals to be achieved and the parameters to measure them are defined at the start of the project; simply checking these indicators allows for verifying the achieved results.
Workup works to achieve your goals, you measure the results.

The Internet?
I certainly know how
much it costs me.
But how can I understand
how much I am gaining from it?

We work to achieve your goals, all you need to do is relax and measure the results.


Your business
is at the heart of our focus.

A team of specialists is at your disposal to ensure efficiency and quality throughout the entire duration of the project and beyond.

Business specialists:
they analyse the players and scenario of your business on the Web.

Web strategy specialist:
they define the best Web communication strategies for achieving your goals.

Web marketing specialist:
they plan and manage the operational activities for reaching your target before your competitors.

Information Architecture specialist:
they design the information architecture and the most suitable software applications.

System integration specialist:
they construct the most suitable technological platform.


the most important value at Workup are people.

100% insourcing

The market changes day-by-day, while technology is constantly evolving. In this ever changing scenario, Workup's beacons are people and their skills. For this reason, the Workup team grows while developing its expertise internally: this continuity turns into an asset for your project as well.



and only philosophy: the client at the heart of our focus


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