Confcommercio Veneto

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Fidi Impresa & Turismo Veneto

Workup has realized for Confcommercio Veneto a platform for generation and centralized management of all websites institutions that are part of the main merchant association of the whole region.

Confcommercio Veneto, Confcommercio Venezia, Venezia CAF, Fidi Impresa Veneto have participated to the project.

The solution allows to activate and customize all the single websites of the associations, coordinating allĀ  elements of communication with great savings in terms of time and investment, favoring at the same time its use by users.

Each association can customize its website with local news, public service information, events and presentation of the offered services. The platform allows to easily direct the communications to users through a fully dynamic layout, activating modules based on the needs of the individual organization.

The project aims to improve the perception of the activities of associations and promote effectively the service to the final users.