Fila Industria Chimica Spa

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Fila Solutions - Digital Analytics Consulting

FILA Industria Chimica is an Italian company with an important presence abroad that deals with cleaning and surface treatment products (especially floors) of the most disparate materials.

Following the redesign of the company's online presence, we have taken care of FILA for an advanced configuration of the available Digital Analytics tools. Based on objectives and KPIs shared with the customer, we have then set up Google Analytics to gather additional non-standard information on user interactions with particular sections of the site (for example, the reseller section, or the advanced material configurator).

In addition to the quarterly reports we produce for use with the FILA Digital Marketing office, we have agreed on the creation of two useful tools to simplify access and sharing of information in the company.

Using Google Data Studio, we then configured a dashboard that acts as a "control panel" to quickly access the most relevant information and allows a drill-down based on the most used segmentation dimensions: acquisition channel, geographic area, device.

In addition to this dashboard, we then set up a synthetic infographic style reporting template, which FILA uses to align its commercial network with the ability of the website to generate opportunities on different markets.