Marposs - A new digital project

The objectives

Marposs, with over 3000 employees in 25 countries, is a world leader in the supply of precision instruments for measurement and control in the production environment.

The objectives that Marposs set itself to achieve with the new digital plan were mainly linked to a renewal of the web presence, now dated as far as it is entirely functional and performing.

One of the first objectives that emerged was definitely the navigation from mobile devices, previously only possible through the mobile version of the site.

Another fundamental point to pay attention to was the analysis and optimization of navigation and the consequent user experience, which should have been simple, intuitive and in full compliance with current usability rules.

Last of the objectives, of course not in order of importance, the improvement of the visibility of the site that passes unequivocally for the development of content marketing and enhanced SEO activities. This has led to the need to transform the new visibility obtained in contacts and business opportunities, to be tracked and monitored to provide new tools to the sales network.

The strategy

The strategy that Workup proposed to Marposs was based on two fundamental assumptions:

1. the visibility of an enhanced site through an optimal technical / structural intervention (SEO), but also and above all through the development of new quality content, with value for the user, giving full management power to the dedicated departments.

2. Intercepted the qualified user, the improved navigability and the satisfying browsing experience had to bring a simple user of the site to become a potential customer, through the development of flows optimized with respect to the objectives.

The solution

To meet Marposs's needs, Workup realized:

  • The development of a web site with responsive design, optimized for navigation compared to the main devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. The analysis and adaptation of the contents for the different devices, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of use. Maximum control of dynamic but also static contents, making the client independent in the management of translations by language.
  • The analysis of the main flows and sections that the user navigates the most to develop a new optimized and tested user interface. Specifically, the labels, the navigation menu, the position of the contents, the filters, etc. have been redesigned in order to facilitate the user and make the experience optimal.
  • Integration of new content where necessary, SEO optimization of currents, integration of "contextual" forms to different pages of the site facilitating interaction and customer / company contact.
  • An improved autonomous content management system (CMS), complete with the fundamental functionalities: from the management of SEO tags to the possibility of modifying and personalizing the layout of web pages thanks to accesses dedicated to the various company functions. Thanks to an advanced system of "draft and stage" the administrator, according to the level of access allowed, manages the editorial contents allowed. Users with a higher level, for example, have the possibility to approve the contents that are written by other administrators to whom only the writing is allowed. Each division of division and language, therefore has the ability to independently manage the contents, the translation of these and approval from the state of "draft" to the "stage", without in any way interfere with other languages ​​or departments.
  • Welcome page: pages with domains linked to the Nation. Marposs now has the possibility to create full autonomous landing pages for countries where there is no language on the site. The user has the opportunity to land on a page in their own language and then select in which language to navigate the corporate website.
  • Wizard system: an advanced navigation system of Marposs products able to allow the user a search filtered and sequenced by questions useful to achieve the desired product or product set. A drop-down menu, simple and intuitive to use, guides the user in the search, further encouraging the User Experience and pursuing the goal of conversion within the site.
  • Search function: the AddSearch platform allows users to search for any textual content within a page or indexed PDF document. This is a multilingual search system, integrated with Google Analytics, able to recognize the navigation language and propose search results corresponding to the aforementioned language.
  • Job Recruiting: an administration system managed by a single Department, and therefore with dedicated accesses, which allows them to manage worldwide applications by providing a system to compile the user's personal data in steps.