MB Crusher - Case Study

Meccanica Breganzese is world leader in planning, production and purchasing of crusher buckets with jaw moving for crushing, demolition and recycling areas.

Thanks to the project developed by Workup, MB can take advantage of an institutional site with a centralized management system with dedicated accesses dedicated for every company branch worldwide.

All branches have the possibility to manage the most appropriate contents and communications for their own reference market, in this way the navigation experience is customized to the user home country, underlining the most relevant contents: products purchased in its single area, relevant news, local events, etc.

A dynamic module for the generation of landing pages has been created too, so that to support marketing campaigns, strategic during the data capture of the website’s new visitors.

Finally, thanks to dedicated B2B area, authorized dealers and workshops can order machinery and equipment in an easy and safe way, improving purchasing process.