Motovario is one of the most important Italian companies in the production of motovariators, worm gear reducers, coaxial reducers, orthogonal and pendular gearboxes, electric motors and motoinverters.

This project is not a re-edition of an existing area, but an invention of a new project, a world that was not there.

We thought that simplicity was not the opposite of complexity, but of complication, and anyone of you dealing with B2B tools of an administrative or managerial nature, knows the appeal that these tools have and that their ease of use it has nothing to do with what you feel when you download and use an app.

The bet

Why not offer a simple, comprehensive, intuitive and transparent experience within a purely B2B tool?

Starting from this idea we have created a simple interface, which very clearly guides the 8 online services. Within each area we have therefore included what was of fundamental use for the target of this company.

  1. A download area for software, for selection and use of products;
  2. the possibility of entering production orders with the traceability of the product itself;
  3. online order control;
  4. control of product inventory management in real time;
  5. download of 2D and 3D technical drawings;
  6. configuration and assembly of the product online;
  7. a system for identifying orders and spare parts;
  8. a reserved area.

A new Look & Feel

The inspiration that guided us in determining the look and feel of the project was certainly that of design in the consumer environment and the simplicity of the App. We conceived the service area to be a very useful tool, which facilitates the ways of interaction of customers in a logic of self care. Last but not least, we thought it because it was extremely integrated with company information systems.

A responsive B2B area as simple as an app

The peculiarity lies in being able to view the exploded view of each product by navigating it inside, in each of its parts, verifying the product code up to the management of the bill and the order of the component identified.

All this entails a great simplification of the processes, causing enormous impact on the loyalty, on the satisfaction of the user and on the reduction of the management of the requests in terms of customer care.

The user interacts with the interactive exploded view of the single product in the single spare parts.

Click on the individual component to check the code and proceed with the order.

The achieved results 

  • Reduction of the time required to process requests / manage problems;
  • reduction of the times / costs of transmission of information;
  • transfer of time worked by customer service to consultancy;
  • reduction of the contract management cost;
  • documented customer satisfaction;
  • requests from customers to transfer additional services to the MyMotovario area.