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Museo Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway stayed at Villa Ca' Erizzo, seat of the Museum during the Great War period. This is why researchers dedicated this important place of historical and cultural heritage.


The museum occupies five major spaces: the exhibition area is made up of 58 large panels, with rich historical explanations, photographs and written documents, whose peculiarity is providing unique testimonial in Italy about the american participation in the First War World.

About the well-known personality of Ernest Hemingway, we wanted to collect a vast photographic archive documentation, as well as his numerous published works in various editions, both in Italian and foreign language.

For this project we have:

  • Given space to the important historical and literary perspective, developing separate sections telling the history, structure and visits.
  • Created a section dedicated to events, completely manageble by the customer.
  • Created a special section for the Bed&Breakfast “INN HEMINGWAY”.
  • dedicated the "Bookshop" Section which allows the user to view the publications and contact Villa for purchase.