Scame Ecomobility

The Ecomobility division of Scame Parre produces connectors and charging stations for electric vehicles.The company was the first in the 90s to develop charging systems for electric vehicles with an innovative process that continues today.

To promote the new "Free Series", a range of connectors and charging stations, Workup has created for Scame Parre a new website.

The website presents all the products of the "Libera series" and a part of the wide range of Scame products. The Web site is dedicated exclusively to the electric mobility industry and aims to strategically place itself in the top positions of the search engines thanks to an accurate optimization activity.

For us, the project is also important from the technical point of view because it is the first website developed with a completely new technology.
The heart of the project is Rubin Red: an advanced Digital Experience Manager internally developed and made with a flexible php framework that rests on a Model-View-Controller (MVC) multilayer pattern that separates data logic from business logic.